Terrance B Hypnotist

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Terrance B Hypnotist

Date: Aug 20 - Aug 29, 2021

From the moment that Comedic Hypnotist Terrance B steps on the stage, you have no doubt this man was born to entertain.... and entertain he does!

Hypnotist Terrance B was born and raised in Blackpool, England, and now is living in Calgary Canada, but his true home is on the stage performing his hypnosis shows.

Hypnotist Terrance B studied the Art of Stage hypnosis intensively for 4 years, continuing his studies even today, before making the decision to focus his career in this direction, and to bring this talent to the stage.

He has since immersed himself into hypnosis and perfected his talents to point where, with great pride, he is now compared to World-Class Entertainers. He is a true professional who takes the Art of Suggestion & hypnosis very seriously and executes it with the utmost respect and integrity.

Stage Hypnotist Terrance B typically works with 20 volunteers from the audience, Hypnotist Terrance B is able to cause otherwise rational people to see, do, and believe, totally ridiculous things. Using his Power of Suggestion he guides his hypnotized victims thought increasingly ludicrous and hilarious scenarios. They may take a trip by the pool on the Love Boat, be a famous movie star or even discover that their clothes are inside out.

Hypnotist Terrance B’s warped (but tasteful) sense of humor and bizarre ideas of comedy have earned him rave review throughout North America. This skilled performer has delivered performances for over 20 years and always promises a smooth flowing, knock-em dead stage act. His acting abilities include a wide variety of impersonations and accents that lend his own special charm to his performances.

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