HypnoFX Hypnotic Comedy with Jerry Frasier
KC Fairgrounds
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HypnoFX Hypnotic Comedy

Date: Aug 16 - Aug 25, 2024

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HypnoFX Hypnotic Comedy
Aug 16 - Aug 25, 2024

HypnoFX is interactive, hypnotic comedy! Imaginative fun and big-time laughs happen fast with 30+ year veteran performer, Jerry Frasier.

Jerry delivers a safe, positive experience where volunteers are the VIPs of the show. An amazingly creative potential in the human mind is magnified as chosen members from the audience are under the refreshing relaxation of hypnosis. Jerry sets the pace at induction, and then invites everyone to enter a mindful, hypno-adventure, sharing their personalities and energizing an anything-can-happen, roller coaster ride of possibility. At his professional direction and expertise, Jerry brings out the best in participants, guiding them through playful skits and hilarious situations. Subconscious visualizations come to life...but never embarrassing for his hypnotized super stars and always clean.

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