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Sing the Anthem!

A Star Spangled Challenge

The North Idaho State Fair is accepting video submissions from prospective National Anthem singers for this year’s Fair and Rodeo events!

Video auditions must include a performance of the first verse of the “Star-Spangled Banner”. Entries can be vocal, instrumental or a combination of both and must not exceed two minutes in length.

Entries from individuals and groups will be accepted. If the audition is for someone under the age of 18, a parent or guardian may submit the video on their behalf.

National Anthem singers are needed at the grand opening ceremonies, concerts, rodeos, truck and tractor pulls, demolition derby and other events during Fair Week Aug. 16 - 25, 2024

Anthem Application Sign-Up

Applicant Information

Public Singing Experience

Prior Experience Do you have experience singing with a delay?

Please list other events where you have performed

Video Submission

To upload your YouTube video, log in to Upload your video of you singing the National Anthem to your personal YouTube account (if you do not already have a personal YouTube account you will be required to create one). Please note, the YouTube video settings must be set to "Public" in order for your video to be viewed.

To submit a video via Dropbox, entrants must sign in to with their personal Dropbox account and upload their video.

After upload please select "Share" to access video link, copy link, and paste into Official Entry Form.
Paste submission video link in the field below.
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